How much $ are you losing by not measuring your Actual Evapotranspiration (ET)?

Ever wonder how much money you're losing by under-irrigating?

Maybe you have a sense of how much it costs you each time it happens, but how much is it costing you annually? Or across all of your crops?

Using Tule's Actual ET, gives you the precision and confidence to make irrigation decision that are just right. Remember last year when over-irrigating impacted quality? Remember the time before that when under-irrigating led to low yields? 

Our Actual ET hardware uses special sensors above your crop canopy to measure how much water is leaving your field through evapotranspiration. Actual ET is the only way to measure and plan the right irrigation for your field so you get just the right balance between yield and quality.

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What’s Wrong With Just Using CIMIS Reference ET?

If you’re using CIMIS’ Reference ET to plan your irrigation, you’re irrigating your fields like they are someone else’s.

With variations like soil types, crop maturity, weather, microclimates and more, your field’s irrigation needs are unique to your location. CIMIS Reference ET can only tell you how much to irrigate some perfect field, somewhere else, it cannot recommend precisely how much to irrigate your fields, your crops, at your location.

That’s where Tule’s Actual ET comes in.

Tule’s Actual ET uses sensors above your crop canopy to measure your specific evapotranspiration on an ongoing basis.

What if you could maintain just the right amount of water content in your soil? What if you could irrigate just the right amount to achieve your quality and yield goals?

That's why we developed Actual ET, to help growers like you achieve the yield and quality results you want, and to eliminate the guess work that comes with using CIMIS Reference ET.

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