First, some Details about this project

For legal reasons, let's get some things straight here about this raffle:

1. It involves a general and indiscriminate distribution of the tickets; all you have to do is sign-up on the "Apply" page.

2. No tickets or additional chances to receive anything are given in exchange for donations. 

3. No purchase of any kind is required in order to be eligible.


In other words fundraising and awards are totally separate activities.

Who are we?

We are friends who met at an event for Basic Income in San Francisco in November, 2015.

After meeting at the event we found we all shared a particular interest in this very direct route toward experimentation - rather than try and persuade lawmakers to fund and start a pilot program, we wanted to just raise the cash ourselves and see what happened.


The Team

Cameron Ottens

Cameron Ottens

Gregory Tippett

Gregory Tippett

What are the basic details of the Sweepstakes?


  1. When will we pick a winner? Late April or early May - so stay tuned!
  2. How are we going to pick a winner? We will pick at random from those who have entered.
  3. How do I enter? Go here and fill out the quick form :)
  4. How will the money be dispersed? We will use an automated system to disperse payments of $1,250 per month.
  5. Are there fees? There will be some fees charged by whatever transfer method we end up choosing, we will seek the best method that works for all of us.
  6. Will the winner be required to do anything, like disclose finances or talk to the press? Though our goal with this project is to learn as much as possible from the winner and entrants via interviews and conversations, and to use what we learn to inform the public about Basic Income,  winners will not be required to speak with the press or disclose finances.


Why experiment with Basic Income?

 Basic Income is an old idea that has had a lot of support over the last couple of centuries but it has never quite made it onto the books. It has been experimented with in many forms implicitly for this purpose (pilot programs in Namibia and Canada for instance) and in other forms like pensions, which have been distributed to older members of communities for decades the world over.

Our aim is to grow a base of test cases of regular people of all possible circumstances to begin to get an idea of how it would really impact people's lives. There is so much speculation and so many assumptions about what people will do, but very little actual knowledge. We want to fix that and to lead a public conversation on the implications for society based on real people actually experiencing the program, albeit in the limited form we are putting forth (One year, $15,000 total).


Why Crowd-fund / fundraise directly?

The project started with a successfully crowd-funded Indiegogo Campaign where we raised over $15,000. We chose this route to funding rather than something like petitioning local or state government because we wanted to act quickly and be flexible. We felt that at this moment in history and with the resources and strengths that we brought to the project, it made more sense to ask the world and the Basic Income community directly for fund to begin experimenting rather than to sell the concept's success to politicians and to wait through the years-long process of getting a pilot implemented. Given our success with the fund-raiser, it turns out, we were right to do so :D


Where does the money go?

Money we raise goes towards future sweepstakes and growing the project. As of February 10th, 2016, that means 100% is going towards our first sweepstakes prize with 100% volunteer labor and support propelling the project. We look forward to growing this into a full-blown movement and to making it lean and sustainable and striking that delicate balance between keeping the lights on and passing through as much value as possible.