Our Mission:

Our mission is to create a world of universal prosperity and innovation, by ensuring basic economic security. No one should be held back from their aspirations, passions, and dreams.

We believe that advocating for, and experimenting with Basic Income is the best way to practically tackle the problem of economic insecurity and advance our mission. In order to explore Basic Income we will use dialogue and the science of human motivation to inspire people to dream of economic freedom for themselves, and then to motivate them to take action to create that world for everyone, all the while measuring and testing our impact to best understand the root differences between economic freedom and economic insecurity.


How do we plan to do this? In short:

  1. Hold regular sweepstakes to give everyone who hears about us a solid, tangible reason to imagine what it would really be like to have Basic Income themselves
  2. Give recipients the actual experience of Basic Income so we can learn more about the impacts of Basic Income, to document the nuances of the program, and to further validate the concept in the eyes of the public.
  3. Give everyone the opportunity to act directly to A) grow awareness and support for Basic Income and B) create and give away actual BI's to people through our sweepstakes program.
  4. Build a movement of direct action through this project to and in support of Basic Income until passing such legislation becomes categorically uncontroversial regardless of party affiliation.